18 Piece Creepy Crawlies Matching Puzzle by 5 Little Bears
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Creepy Crawlies Matching Puzzle 18 Piece

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These simple two piece puzzles feature beautiful vibrant images as well as their name. The creepy crawlies set is a collection of Australian animals from deserts, rivers, rainforests and bushland.  They include a green tree frog, yabby, blue tongue lizard, brown snake, centipede, barking gecko, scorpion, redback spider and long neck turtle.

These puzzles come in their own drawstring bag and are made using 3mm plywood.  This is an all Australian made and owned product.

The best way to keep raw timber resources and puzzles hydrated and well-nourished is with a natural oil or wax, like a beeswax polish.  It is not only completely non-toxic and safe for children, it also smells fantastic! 

Approximate Size: 11.5 x 5.5 cm
Recommended Age: 2+ years