Kinderboard Natural by Kinderfeets
Kinderboard Natural by Kinderfeets
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Kinderfeets | Kinderboard | Natural

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A kinderboard helps children develop a sense of balance, stimulate their vestibular system, and gain a deeper awareness of their body and body parts. You can rock it. Balance on it. Push it. Spin it. Flip it and slide. Sit on it or use it like a foot stool. These sturdy beech plywood boards keep energetic children engaged in creative play for hours.

Watch a child's imagination take over when their Kinderboard arrives. It becomes a seesaw, a balance board, a slide, a step stool, a boat, a resting place, a doll bed, a puppet stage, a tunnel and many more opportunities for them to explore. The possibilities are endless - and truly up to them!

Approximate Size: 82 x 1.5 x 30.5 cm (19h cm curve resting height)
Recommended Age: 18+ months